#923 Online Program Special Offer

Earlier this month we announced an offer for our Online Program:
30% off a six month membership.
That’s $125 instead of $180 .

The offer has only 10 days left and we’d like to welcome our new members.
This month members are exploring candid portraits without looking through the viewfinder:

Online photo course

This month's challenge - shooting candid portraits without using the viewfinder!

So why are people signing up? what’s so good about the program?
• A monthly photo challenge with a video lesson and notes
• Weekly email with tips, notes and links
• Interactive feedback through a private Facebook group
• Group critique session
… all from your own computer.

The biggest way to improve your photography is regular shooting, critique and a fun way to keep you clicking in a sustainable way.

Better Photos!
Want better photos? More fun?
Take advantage of this month’s offer – $125 for six months of photo fun. That’s 30% off.
10 days left.

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