#924 Photo Studio Feature

We got a very nice review of our studio recently. Made me glow and, really, it shows what we’ve always known!

So today we’re featuring the studio and what’s going on in the space.

Ottawa photo studio

Ottawa photo studio - the bare studio with our dog!

The Review
Cindy Orti rented our photo studio for some shooting and loved it.
She says:
Most studios I’ve worked in have the look and feel of a studio, with heavy duty lighting everywhere, backdrops, etc. They aren’t necessarily a bright and welcoming space, which I deem very important when working with clients. It’s important for them to be comfortable and not intimidated by any space we work in. I think what I love most about your studio is how welcoming it is for clients.

photo studio rental Ottawa

© Cindy Orti shot at Ottawa Studio Works

Additionally, Ottawa Studio Works is the perfect size to accommodate a crew, a set, and client spectators without everyone feeling cramped. Plus the fact that the studio is also used as gallery space, I appreciate that my clients can look around at what is hung up on the wall as it keeps them entertained during wait times.

I also value that the art hung on the walls provides exposure to other Ottawa artists. It demonstrates that the studio is supportive of the Ottawa photo community and I believe that not just photographers, but clients value that as well.

ottawa photo studio

Ottawa photo studio - behind the scenes at a DIY portrait session.

We’re not a high volume rental studio. We work with clients that fit well with our studio. We provide the studio space and the following:
• 11×24 studio space
• back drop stands
• use of one backdrop
• stool, risers, chairs, tables
• prep room (approx 10×10)
• access to bathroom, kitchenette

Current rates for photo/video shoots:
Half day (max 4 hours – from arrival to departure) = $150 (please add taxes)
Full day (up to 8 hours) = $225
Two days (2x 8 hours) = $400
ottawa photo studio

Shooting in studio

What else is going on at the studio?
Photo workshops
Exhibitions/Events – We rent the space to artists looking to exhibit their work. Coming up we have plans for Elmwood School’s year end Art Exhibition (see last year’s show) and a Music Photography show is in the works.
Weekly Photo Round-up! – Every Friday we round-up the whos and whats of the Ottawa photo community and feature the fun on the OSW photo blog.

Have you ever wanted to shoot in a studio?! We can make it happen!

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