#897 Online Photo Course – Better Photos – Festive Photo Challenge!

better photos - online photo class

Festive Photo Challenge - ©E Black, captured in Victoria, BC.

Our Online Photo Class continues to get good reviews and good photo results.

Last month members were challenged to create Festive Photos. Part of their challenge was to create what that meant! It was more of a creative challenge than a technical one which is often tougher as their is no formula.

As usual the photos surprised me with a mix of lights, people and magic.

Better photos - Online photo challenge!

Better photos - Online photo challenge - © J Beaumont; captured in Vancouver, BC.

Members worked hard and stretched their limits. One member sent this today:
Thank you for the push to see everyday things and then turn them into something creative…  I think that the greatest challenge for me was taking the time just to slow down,  think and to really see what is in my day to day environment.

If your photography needs a push join our Online Photo Program.

This month members are working on a very technical challenge that often confounds even experienced amateurs – getting whites to be white. I’ve seen a few good early results – their photo submissions are starting to come in.

Online photo course - festive photos

Online photo course - festive photos - © MMcKenna captured in Ottawa

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