#895 – Public Participants Chosen for Photo Contest

Last week we announced a project we have been working on since the fall last year.

In support of the Ottawa Food Bank we are raising money through a Media and Celebrity Photo Contest. We have many loved Ottawa personalities including the Ottawa Citizen’s Peter Simpson, CBC’s climatologist Ian Black, CTV’s News Anchor Graham Richardson, BobFM’s SandySharkey and many more.

Ottawa Food Bank

Ottawa Food Bank

Two Spots to the Public
We offered two spots in the main contest to the public and invited people to submit a short response as to why they should be in the contest.

The response by email and blog comment was, erm, excellent and we had a tough time choosing the two participants. But in the end we chose two very fun people:

The New Contestants!
Allison Burnett –
 Professor of a digital marketing course (“Marketing: New Tools & Approaches“) at Carleton University. Allison was excited about the contest as well as including her students as an exercise to help their skills (and help the Food Bank.) Wow!
Danielle Donders – Social media program manager for a big Canadian government department and blogger, mother, photo fan. She loves photography and also talked about the opportunity to help the food bank.

Your response was great! It was a tough choice to select the two spots available.

Why did these two people win the lucky spots? They were both interested in the photo side but both were interested in helping people – the Food Bank and students. Also, they both have the ability to spread the word wide and bring more support to the Food Bank.

Now, because we had such good response, we’d like to add an online-only part of the contest. This will be open to the public.

How to Participate in the Online Contest
People may join us for the launch on January 20th to hear the photo tutorial. There are photo tutorial packages and technical guidelines for the 15 participants of the Media and Celebrity portion of the contest.

We will also be giving out Top Photo Tips to anyone interested (while they last) in the online public contest. People may submit photos to the online contest from January 20th to February 16th. “How to Participate” details will be released at the launch and online January 20th onwards.

The Launch
Sunday, January 20th, 2013; 10-11:30am
Patrick Gordon Framing
160 Elm Street, Ottawa, Ontario – enter off City Centre Ave. 

Congratulations to Allison and Danielle!!

3 thoughts on “#895 – Public Participants Chosen for Photo Contest

  1. Thank you for selecting the Marketing: New Tools & Approaches class – it will be a fantastic experience for all of the students! I am also looking forward to meeting you, Danielle (I’m a long time follower of her blog!) and all of the other participants! Now off to get the creative juices flowing 🙂

  2. This is an amazing opportunity. Thanks Harry, and hi Allison! Looking forward to meeting you and the others as well. This is going to be (as my kids would say) EPIC!

  3. Glad to have you aboard!!
    And thanks to everyone that sought a spot – there is still opportunity to participate – starting at the January 20th launch. Stay tuned for details.