#768 Pro Photography Program Social – reaching new heights.

ProProgram Social Show and Tell

On Sunday, photo students from our ProProgram met for a meal at a restaurant and descended on the studio for a “show and tell.”

We meet regularly above and beyond the regular elements of their course work to exchange and share ideas, successes and challenges. Many present current projects and work. And I answered questions that support the student’s development.

We covered:
• backdrop systems – studio and on-location
• available light vs studio lit assignment shooting
• negotiating contracts
• licensing imagery – things to consider

The afternoon went quickly and information quickly got soaked up. One of the toughest elements in a photography startup isn’t the photography but the business aspects. There is a lot to learn technically in photography but, equally as important, is understanding how to negotiate an agreement – understanding licensing, sales and other issues.

I spoke with one photo graduate who kept reaching new heights, feeling too comfortable and then setting sights on greater goals. He reminded me of the story of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull – a little common bird who progressed to great things.

The ProProgram

I based the ProProgram on what I wish I had access to when I started. In my early years I, erm, floundered more than I should have, both technically and from a business perspective. The Program is designed to help students achieve their goals from many difefrent perspectives, whether it’s just to improve photo skills dramatically or prepare for a business in photography!

ProProgrammers learning photo skills

ProProgrammers learning photo skills

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