#681 Baby photos revisited

Remember Daniel?

He and his wife were waiting for a baby to arrive this summer.

While they waited Daniel’s wife found our website and asked us about a “How-to-take-baby-photos” custom course… We spent half a day going over photography’s fundamentals and I brought in a wee model for him to practice at our studio.

Baby photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

Student Photo (Daniel B) - Baby photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

Well, yes, the happy couple now have a beautiful baby boy! I heard from Daniel last week. He was pretty excited:

… and when he was 7 days old we produced his first photo shooting session. I’m very satisfied with the results and Mommy is very, very happy.
Daniel’s photos of his son are presented in this blog post.
Maternity Photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

Student Photo (Daniel B) -Baby Photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

I’m pretty pleased at his successes after hisĀ Custom Course, too! He did very well.

I developed the curriculum for our fundamentals course over 11 years ago. It’s based onĀ almost 20 years of photo and teaching experience. Other workshops grew from there. It makes me smile to see our student’s successes!

Congratulations Daniel & Mommy & baby!

Newborn Photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

Student Photo (Daniel B) - Newborn Photography - Custom Course - Ottawa

2 thoughts on “#681 Baby photos revisited

  1. Hi Harry!
    Thank you so much for the course… I am so happy about the pictures. The results were amazing! You and Daniel did a terrific job!
    It was definitely the best Father’s Day present I could have given to my husband!
    Proud mommy and wife!

  2. No problem! And thank-YOU!

    It was a fun session with Daniel – he did well with the photos of your new boy.

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