#676 Custom Photo Class – success

Recently we ran a Custom Photo Class in Ottawa for Sarah and two friends who were looking to learn the basics of digital photography.

We arranged the photo session and started dishing out the lessons from Creative Fundamentals, very gently at first and more challenging as the lessons were learned.

We started with the very basics, moved to exposure and then some advanced exposure:

Ottawa photo workshop backlighting

Ottawa photo workshop - backlighting

Ottawa photo workshop - silhouettes

Ottawa photo workshop - silhouettes

We played with depth of field – controlling blur with aperture:

Ottawa Photo Course - Blurring Backgrounds

Ottawa Photo Course - Blurring Backgrounds

And controlling blur using the shutter speed:

Ottawa Photo Course - Blurring Motion

Ottawa Photo Course - Blurring Motion

We also learned the ideas of composition to tie it all together:

Ottawa Photo Class - composition

Ottawa Photo Class - composition

All in all these new photographers ended the photo class with some magnificent photos.

Not bad, eh?!

Creative Fundamentals usually runs three times a year – fall, winter and spring.

Our next group session starts next week.

Custom courses are available almost anytime…

What they said:

We all had a great time on Friday. Thank you for a great course!

It was wonderful & exciting. I’ve always thought of myself as an impossible photographer. The course has left me with the confidence, patience & motivation to try and capture those photos I keep seeing. I appreciated your patience and the time you gave the three of us to ensure we understood.

We all raved about how lucky and grateful we were to have learnt from you, your knowledge & experience.”

from Sarah and friends, Aylmer + Wakefield. Custom Course – Creative Fundamentals

And thank-YOU, Sarah and friends, for the fun and for sharing your photos on our photo blog! Your comments make me blush!

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