#591 Photo Art at the War Museum

Two photo exhibitions worth investigating are currently showing at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa:

Legion Halls “capture a glimpse of the role that Legion Halls play in Canadian communities today.”

Missing Lives “tell the heartbreaking story of the families who lost loved ones during the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.”

I haven’t been but am planning to go next week. Stay tuned… Anyone interested?!

#590 Ottawa Portraits

Recently, we shot some portraits for an Ottawa area writer – Ann – who wanted a portrait for press releases, author info and marketing purposes. She asked for a simple natural author portrait. For her that meant a sincere look without big smiles.

We met at our photo studio Ottawa Studio Works – which was perfect for her as she works in central Ottawa.

She enjoyed the session and I had to work to make her stop smiling so much – see  the portraits, below. Drawing the desired personality – that’s the fun for me. The technical camera work is only the beginning.

Monday we’re back in the studio run a Custom Photo Class for two people looking for an introduction to studio skills.

Ottawa Portrait - photo studio

Ottawa Portrait - with smiles

Ottawa Portrait - Photo Studio

Ottawa Portrait - more authorly!

#589 – Yum! Sugarbush Photo Safari in the Ottawa Valley

Maple sugar? Photography?

All at the same time?!

Yes, yes, it’s true.

We are offering a photo safari to one of the Ottawa Valley’s most established (and delicious)  Sugarbushes.

Sugarbush Photo Safari - Ottawa Valley

Maple sap collection - Sugarbush Photo Safari - Ottawa Valley

Join your guide, Alain, as he takes you through the sweet operation with tips to better photos and a chance to compare successes with other photo fans.

This photo walk lasts two hours and includes some photo opportunities for motion on the sleigh ride. Stay later (or arrive before) if you would like to treat yourself to the meal (extra fees apply).

Sleigh ride - Sugarbush photo safari - Ottawa Valley

Sleigh ride - Sugarbush photo safari - Ottawa Valley


  • Saturday March 26, 2011; 10am-noon.
  • Meet at the sugarbush, 45 minutes from central Ottawa. Car pooling is encouraged but transportation is not included in the course!
  • Cost: $65 + taxes for photo safari, sleigh ride and taffy. Meal is extra.

Contact us to register for the sweet fun of the Sugarbush Photo Safari!

#587 Who’s Doing What?

At our Ottawa Photo Studio web site blog we feature news and links about other photographer’s projects every Friday. And we often write about other photo events in the region.

Over the last few months we have posted links to:

  • a lecture on the invention of photography (March 3rd!)
  • public art exhibits
  • reviews of art shows
  • photographer’s and their current work

See what’s going on and who’s doing what:


Ottawa Studio Works - photography studio

Ottawa Studio Works - photography studio