#582 Where’s Harry!?

Ok, ok, this last week we have been slow on the blog posts.

I could tell you that I was on a fabulous photo assignment to capture northern Finnish ski culture.

Or that I was teaching a photo course in California’s Cascade Mountains.

But I was not!

ski photo

Whitewater ski vacation

I was in southern BC skiing myself silly.

I took a fun and relaxing ski break to visit friends and telemark ski some of the most fun ski hills out west.

I wanted to find low key ski hills that were far from the glitz of Whistler, Tremblant and geared towards skiing and local community, good snow and friends.

I wasn’t disappointed – the terrain made my quads burn, heart pound and my face smile. The people were small town friendly and old friends became new again.

ski photo

Whitewater Ski Photo

I spent almost a week in Nelson and Rossland in southern BC skiing at Whitewater and Red with friends. It was fun. Really fun.

So, Let’s see all the photos!!

Well, see, there’s the problem.

I was skiing. On vacation. Time off.

I have a few snapshots and I shot a little with medium and large format film for the photo art side of the business… but I went to ski.

Now it’s time to catch up.

ski photo

Whitewater ski vacation

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