#526 Overcoming Flash Phobia

I often get asked for help with flash. It’s a scary piece of equipment. It is!

Recently, I spent some time with a regular photo workshop student who wanted some help taming her flash. We spent a couple of hours learning and shooting. We started with some traditional portraits:

  • overpowering available light with the flash to isolate the subject from the background
  • balancing available light with flash

See Sandra’s success on her blog!

… And then we started whooping it up. I (yep, that’s me in the photo below) started dancing my own special dance – to mimic dancing at a wedding – for Sandra to capture with the help of her flash and the available light.  The photos below were shot in the same location as the photo on her blog.

Flash Photography

Flash Photography

We learn some of these flash and available light techniques on Night Light. If you ask nicely I’ll even try to dance for your cameras… or not.

By the end of the night Sandra was smiling brightly. Yay Sandra!

More Flash Photo Fun

More Flash Photo Fun

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