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Last week we visited the World Press Photo Exhibit at the War Museum in Ottawa. The show is now closed but if you are interested in photojournalism check these 3 links for upcoming photojournalism events or sites:

1. David Trattles Photojournalism and Social Documentary Workshop

September 23-26, 2010

This semi annual Ottawa based photojournalism and social documentary photo workshop has sold out every time it comes to Ottawa.

David produces award winning work for clients around the world and always has his students smiling, laughing and expanding their photo and story telling skills.

At time of posting only two spots remain. This will change without notice!

One past student said:

Harry – thank you for introducing me to David.  This course has changed the way I take photographs.  More importantly it has changed the way I see myself and the world around me.  It’s not about WHAT we see in the world through the rectangular viewfinder but HOW we see the world.  My journey through photojournalism will begin with a smile and a hand shake, not the sound of a shutter. This is me.  This is what I want to do.””

Contact us to register for David Trattles Photojournalism and Social Documentary Workshop.

Photojournalism & Social Documentary Photography with David Trattles

David Trattles with Jean Chretien

2. Hillside Summit

September, 2010

A fundraiser that supports photography in Canada. Blair Gable and Sue Bird sent me notice of this one. Thanks!

Hillside Summit is coming this fall, only 100 tickets available and all proceeds are going back in to the seminar, speakers and Tom’s Hanson’s photojournalism foundation.

The summit is being held at the National Press Theatre and the speakers are Jim Young of Reuters, Barb Davidson of LA times and Steve Simon Freelance in New york, they are all ex pats in the US working. Register through HillsideSummit.com

3. Editorial Photographers of the UK (EPUK)

I subscribe EPUK’s weekly photojournalism based email update – it keeps me linked to what is going on elsewhere in the world of working (photojournalism) photography.

Who are they?:

“EPUK is an email group for professional editorial photographers who want to talk business. We don’t do techie stuff or in-crowd gossip. We don’t talk cameras or computers. What we talk about are the nuts and bolts of being in business – like copyright, licensing, fees and insurance.”

This week’s post included:

1. “Facts v The Power to Move

Are photojournalists immunising the viewer to images of human
suffering by showing the facts of disaster too clearly?”

2. ” “The photographer has to become the brand”
Photo agencies Magnum and VII are devising new business strategies.”

3. “Current Showcase
Penal Colony Number One, Uzbekistan – Jeremy Nicholl, 2004”

Sign up at Epuk.org

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