#297 Bluesfest Business

Bluesfest is coming soon!

For many years I have covered Bluesfest, some Jazzfest and Tulip Fest. This year I have not pursued the work and it’s a bit of a relief.

Ani Defranco Ani DiFranco

What happened?!

Nothing bad happened. I started shooting Bluesfest in 2002 and had reasonable success selling Bluesfest imagery through agencies, magazines and newspapers. My work appeared in local media and as far away as the LA Times.

The trouble was:

  • restrictions were getting more strict
  • competition was tight
  • budgets were small
  • there are often young photographers willing to do ANYTHING to get in the media enclosures

In summary:

  • Large supply of photographers
  • Small demand for imagery

My time invested was extensive. My rewards were moderate.
Would I shoot more concert work and festivals? Definitely! If the rewards were appropriate.

Ben Harper Ben Harper

Gaining access to shooting a popular event is relatively easy if you’ve done your legwork and have a strong body of appropriate work behind you. Making a significant living is more challenging. It requires:

  • good people skills
  • business skills
  • opportunity
  • appropriate market

Alison Kraus Alison Kraus
What am I going to do with all the time I used to spend shooting Bluesfest? Work on projects that provide greater rewards.

… And, perhaps, catch a show from the crowd.

3 thoughts on “#297 Bluesfest Business

  1. And if you don’t have to take pictures, you can enjoy a beer with the shows! Come to the “British Invasion” evening on July 14: Spencer Davis, The Yardbirds and The Zombies 🙂