#245 Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop

This week we start the first spring session of Creative Fundamentals. The course is our most popular. Why? It brings the overwhelming elements of technical photography and digital cameras down to simple ideas.

Creative Fundamentals Photo Course

Course agenda

We demystify f-stops, white balance and exposure…

The course starts with the technical elements of photography and progresses towards the creative control available through technical understanding. We have the chance to photograph some whitewater acrobatics at the end of the practical session:

Creative Fundamentals Photo Course

Who takes Creative Fundamentals?

The course is appropriate for people learning or those wanting to improve existing skills. While most people shoot digitally on the course we welcome film shooters – both media are based on the same principles. Different people will walk away with different successes!

Some comments:

…so you can be very proud of your ability to teach. Thank God, there is a Harry.

I learned more in the five hours with you than in a five week course…

The course is popular enough that we run 4-6 sessions a year. Still interested in a spring session? Just let us know

Photo Course

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