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Remember the work I did for Ottawa Magazine on Malcolm Isaacs’ Passivhaus inspired house near Wakefield Quebec? Malcolm is presenting his innovative work in house design in Chelsea, Quebec this week.


As a reminder – Malcolm was tired hearing how fantastic current Canadian houses are being built. Compared to developments in Europe we are behind the times!

Passivhaus photo

Malcolm Isaacs is a civil engineer who has worked as a specialist in residential energy analysis and low-energy construction since 1987. He has studied extensively in Europe and in 2005/6 he designed and built the first house in Canada based on PassivHaus ideas. He is now a Certified Passive House Designer, and an advocate and trainer in low energy construction techniques, thermal analysis and energy modeling.


Malcolm researched, designed and built this attractive three bedroom home. His home uses only 25% the energy of a new and normal Canadian home. That means four of Malcolm’s houses could be heated from the energy of one ‘well designed’ modern, Canadian house. His secret – appropriate and ample use of insulation.

Passivhaus photo

Malcolm is presenting his work at the United Church in Chelsea:

7:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Chelsea United Church, Mill Road, Chelsea, QC

Worth a visit.


2 thoughts on “#201 Passivhaus photos

  1. Bonjour,

    I’m in the process of planning a small house near Montebello and I’m seeking info on the PassivHous concept… and architects or specialists to help me give it hsape.

    Do you know of anyone in the area who could advise me?

    Many thanks for your help,


  2. Yep, no problem. I’ve sent details to the email address you provided at the university.


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