#37 The Judge

Harry the Judge will be working tonight.

InterClub Photo Competition

The annual Ottawa-Gatineau region 2008 inter-club competition is launched tonight! Three judges are invited to evaluate the collection of entries. It’s a daunting task – based on my judging last year there will be many good entries! Next week are results and a presentation to the clubs.

Photo Business vs Photo Hobby

Much of the work that comes from camera clubs is excellent. So what is the difference between a good camera club member and a working photographer?


Often, taking the photos is the easier part of a photographer’s job. A photography business is a tough game that requires good marketing, sales, finance and networking skills above and beyond the photography.

Better Business Skills

Good business skills will take you further than good photo skills in the working world of photography. I am fortunate – years ago I attended Western (UWO) for finance and economics. I also learned practical business skills while running a business while at university. This gave me some good base skills when I started my photo business. My background was diverse before starting my career in photography!

I also have a father who spent a successful career in sales and marketing for IBM, Systemhouse and Nortel. My last 2 days skiing were punctuated with business development ideas and reports with my Director of Business Development… my Dad.

I now run the Creative Business Seminar to help other creative businesses get off the ground!

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