#36 – Confession

Ok – I have a confession. I have been skiing with my Dad at Mont Tremblant for two days. It’s an annual event.

Tele Skiing at Tremblant

One downside of running a small business is that I work almost everyday – including these two days skiing. While work has been limited, I have responded to e-mails & phone calls, created blog posts & photos and decision making never ends! I bumped into a fellow business owner, Paul, at Tremblant. He snowboarded the downhills and checked /answered pressing business messages on the chairlift.

One upside of running a business is flexibility in time management! After two days of skiing I will be busy playing catch-up!

Skiing has been fun. There has been a mixed bag of weather but it’s nice to ski with Dad and others. The photo above is Jordan, a telemark skier, skiing the bumps at Tremblant. The print is available at ChelseaGallery.ca. It was shot on a fantastic Kodak Infrared slide film – hence the beautifully different hues.

See you soon,


One thought on “#36 – Confession

  1. A super time together and I hope there will be many more such fun trips.
    And thanks for the creative ski shot as you swooshed past me.
    Brian left this morning and was genuinely happy that he had come with us.