#38 Zen, food and vegaanism

This blog deals with my life of photography work. Today, I am straying on a tangent
of food, zen and veganism.

A group of friends goes out regularly for dinner to explore different restaurants and food. There are no rules – we have had some good experiences but the last one was fantastic. Really. So much so that I had to share it here.

Last night we visited the Zen Kitchen‘s monthly vegan dinner at the Chelsea Club with chef, Caroline Ishii. I am not vegan or vegetarian and do enjoy a good slice of beef now and then. I was not sure what to expect.

It was an amazing evening – a group meal for the first 40 (?) people who signed up – we couldn’t get in last month. Of the 40 attendees only one was vegan. We had four courses paired with wine from Antonio Mauriello. Chef Ishii, who is not vegan herself, was introduced at the end and answered many questions about her philosophy on food.

Highly recommended.

Now back to photography…


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