#1118 Grateful in Grade 4

I feel fortunate and am grateful.

Word Wall - Grade 4

Word Wall – Grade 4

Towards the end of August I got a call from a principal at an elementary school offering me a replacement contract to cover a Grade 4 class while the permanent teacher recovers from knee replacement surgery. I said “Yes.”

Helping elementary students develop and learn made me happy I changed career gears.

Special Guests
I bring “special guests” to the class to help teach Social Studies, Math, Language Arts. Chief Inspector George, Jacques Noir and a caped superhero, among others have all replaced me to illustrate a concept we are learning.

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Chief Inspector George visited our class looking for the missing 5 Ws.

These characters always bring the students to life and make the learning more fun. The students seem to suspect the guests are me in disguise.


2 thoughts on “#1118 Grateful in Grade 4

  1. So cool, Harry, and so you! Kids eat that stuff up. For our French class, we have had ‘de la visite’ from Pierre l’artiste, who always gets his colours mixed up; Madame Marchande, who sells all kinds of produce; and Abra K. Debra, who does magic tricks!