#936 Online Photo Program Progress

Today is the deadline for photo submissions for our online photo program‘s critique coming out later this week.

Slow Photos
This month’s challenge was “slow photos” where we instructed members to:
1. Slow down, creatively, and take time to consume the possibilities.
2. Slow down the shutter speed to ONE second or slower.
… That’s a tough challenge – especially for daytime shooting.

And I thought I would see tons of silky waterfalls. We have received some beautiful waterfalls but am happy to see the creative ideas coming through (stay tuned for photos.)

‘Point & Click’ to ‘Beautiful’
Last week’s lesson included a video to members with some last minute ideas and the process of creative photography. We showed the process from “point & click” to “beautiful” – see two photos from the same waterfall below.

Slow photos

Point and click...

Comments this month:
• “Thank you very much for last week’s video. It was just what I needed to hear!
• “Once again a fun challenge with lots of learnings.
• “Thank you Harry. It has been a very fun and inspiring challenge… now I can think about it and set the camera up properly for the shot! From waterfalls to night shots, they are lots of fun.” 

Slow photo

... or beautiful slow photos.

Join us for next month for a new, faster challenge.

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