#936 From the Web – Prime Photo Tips

Almost a year ago we started posting photo tips on our Photo Facebook page. Below are some recent tips to help your spring shooting!

Photo Tip #151 – Add a hint of motion to make your photos soar.
Below are two photos. Which photo do you prefer?

Frozen Motion - fast shutter speed

Frozen Motion - fast shutter speed

 Photo Tip #149 – Your camera is secondary to your photo skills and vision. Invest wisely!

 Photo Tip #148 Keep your eye on the sky. What kind of lighting do you want for your photos?
• Full sun vibrancy
• Beautifully soft diffused light from clouds or
• The contrast of diffused light from the shade of a tree with a blown out background from the effects of full sun.
Be aware of the quality of light – it’ll make a huge difference to your photos!

Hint of Motion - slow shutter speed and tripod

Hint of Motion - slow shutter speed and tripod

Photo Tip #144 – Embed keywords in your photos to avoid:
“Who’s that friend (in the photo) we skied with way back in 2013?!”

Photo Tip #143 – Create photos in your mind as you walk. It’ll help your creative process.

Photo Tip #141 – Never delete bad photos.
1. There may be some value discovered later (ask about the first photos of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and the only photog who didn’t (couldn’t) delete the photos because he was still shooting on film.)
2. Memory is cheaper than time. When you are in the field it’s better to spend your time looking for what you can shoot – missed moments are expensive.
3. You can often learn from the mistakes if you investigate what went wrong!

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