#906 Online photo course update

We’ve been running the online photo program for almost a year – helping people make better photos at their own pace. Last month’s challenge for members was ‘white.’

It was a simple challenge – to photograph something white and to have it come out white in their photos.

Try it – it’s not that easy!! Your camera gets fooled by any scene that is predominantly white or black.

Online photo class

Online photo class - © Allan C - classic whites!!

Members of the program learned tips and tools to make their whites white!

This month I was told “This one was tough!

Other comments:
Thank you for the push to see everyday things and then turn them into something creative.  I liked the white bathroom and the fact that not all wedding dresses are white in your video.  …  I think that the greatest challenge for me was taking the time just to slow down,  think and to really see what is in my day to day environment.

Online photo course

Online photo course - © Eveline B. - white bubbles

I questioned the cost before joining. But now that I have completed 3 months I believe that it is an excellent value.

The monthly feedback video using Lightroom is the best part; besides receiving technical and composition feedback on your own photos you see how the other students interpret the same assignment.

I like the format it works well for me. I’m not an avid or expert photographer but enjoy the monthly challenge which makes me think about composition. I always learn something even though some of the technical stuff is not for me or my camera!

I like how hands-on this course is. The monthly topics cover both technical and non-technical aspects of photography. I like the focus of the monthly assignment. I think the pacing of the course is good. You have sufficient time to fully explore the monthly topic and to get useful feedback via the forum.

…friends said the course was too expensive. Yet they own $3000 cameras with various high-end glass. Wrong priority for them I think 🙂ed. note – this is common but it’s like buying a jet airplane and not investing in flying lessons. True, it’s less hazardous skipping the training with a camera but I often see people loaded with expensive equipment take technically poor photos because they do not want to invest in training!

Online photo program

Online photo program - © Cheryl K - white snow!!

This month we introduce ‘simple studio lighting‘ or how to light subjects at home with lights you already have.

Challenging? Yes!
Fun? Yes!

We just surveyed members of the online program and will be using their comments to tweak the program in the next few months to make it more streamlined. Stay tuned!!

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