#902 Top photo tips – update!

On our Facebook page we offer photo tips a few times a week. They are designed to give you a little inspiration, motivation and incentive to get you shooting and trying new fun!

Below are a few recent tips:
• Photo Tip #100 – Read lots of tips to improve your photography. BUT the best thing you can do to improve your photography is GET OUT THERE AND EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR CAMERA!!

• Photo Tip #99 – Shooting outside for a long time? remember the vapour barrier liners and the extra big outer coat for when you stop to shoot!! More…

• Photo Tip #96 – Keep your sensor clean – set your camera to “clean at start-up.” It won’t be perfect but it helps.

• Photo Tip #94 – Try shooting within 3 feet of your subject. Wide angle lens helps. Try it for a whole day. Be careful out there!

• Photo Tip #92 – Try something that scares you – just a bit.

• Photo Tip #83 – Try something very new and different. It’ll challenge your old ways. That’ll make you a better photographer.

• Photo Tip #81 – Zoom lens for convenience. Prime lens for low light capability.

 Photo Tip #79 – poor weather often makes for the best photos. Bundle up, be safe and se what you can do!

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