#788 Pro Photo Program Social

Earlier this week our ProProgram organized a social to meet, shoot and socialize. This bonus of the program is designed to get Programmers out together to exchange ideas and meet others pursuing photography in a serious way.

Pro Photography Program - Ottawa

Pro Photography Program - Ottawa

We meet as a group every 2-3 months and in May we met in the wilds of Gatineau Park to photograph on the escarpment overlooking the Ottawa Valley. It’s a magical time for two reasons:

• young leaves are beginning to green the desolation left by winter’s freeze

• the ravenous, carnivorous bugs are still relatively dormant.

Pro Photography Program - Ottawa

Pro Photography Program - © Erica McKay

We hiked into the location, spent some time shooting, made it back to the start point as it was getting dark and promptly reconvened for more discussion at the Old Chelsea Pub.

Pro photography course - Ottawa

ProProgram - © Erica McKay

Thanks to the ProProgrammers for keeping this part of my work fun!

Ottawa Photo Course

ProProgram - © Sue Fisher


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