#775 Photo Blog Question – Who would you choose?

When I started working as a photographer I did it all wrong:

1. I didn’t get any training

2. I didn’t know anyone or have any network of working photographers to learn the ways of working photography.

Needless to say, it took many years to get any traction. I made it this far out of sheer stubborn-ness and a need to make it work (oh, and some good business decisions, etc.) At times it felt like I was carrying 100 lbs of gear up a long and steady hill with potholes happy to get in my way.

It would’ve been much easier if I had sought out help!

The Question!

If you could spend an hour or a day soaking up photo knowledge with any living, current photographer who would you choose? Why?

Ottawa Photography course

Ottawa Photography course

10 thoughts on “#775 Photo Blog Question – Who would you choose?

  1. Other than you Harry? I would like to spend time with Darwin Wigget. I heard him speak once and he was very inspirational. He was also very down to earth, ready share his knowledge and love of photography. Oh yes, I love his landscape and nature photography – jaw-dropping comes to mind. Unfortunately (for me) he lives in the Rockies and his workshops mostly seem to be out west.

  2. Thanks Al. I’ve spoken to Darwin a little over the years – he’s got some great work!

  3. I might choose Pete Turner… always liked his work… or (if he were still with us) Ernst Haas – absolutely love his work and his book ‘The Creation’

  4. Currently it would be a toss up between Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias. I’m drawn to the style of their work, but I’ve also been drawn into their views and attitude towards the business side of photography.

  5. Chase Jarvis, for his inspiring attitude toward creativity, Joe McNally for his extensive experience and talent, and Jean-Marc Carisse for his incredible access to famous people (and likely awesome stories to match)