#760 Corel Painter introductory seminar with Claudia Salguero

Yesterday on the blog I said you were lucky.

Well you’re lucky two days in a row. Corel Master Photographer Claudia Salguero joins us at our studio April 14th to introduce and entertain you with possibilities from Corel Painter.

Looking for a boost for your creative brain?

This may be it.

Claudia Salguero - Corel Painter

Claudia Salguero - Corel Painter

Think of Corel Painter as a software that will help turn your photos into paintings with simulated painting strokes. An added Wacom tablet helps mimic the ideas of painting – light brush strokes or heavy, jagged gouges with the pallet knife (or Wacom pen) simulate traditional art makng.

Claudia is an expert in the photo painting genre. Recognized by Corel as a ‘Painter Master‘ (wait a few seconds for the Masters to appear on the page) she has won awards and commissions in Europe, North and South America.

Register online at the bottom of the Painter Seminar page or contact us to register with a live human being.

Claudia Salguero

Claudia Salguero

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