#719 New Photography Classes – Winter Landscapes and Macro

We’re pretty lucky.

And that means YOU are lucky, too!

We’ve booked two outdoor workshops this winter and spring.  And each participant will receive a premium print from printer, Dave Andrews.

Dave Andrews - printer

Dave Andrews - printer

And Dave Andrews’ prints for his clients hang in some of the finest galleries in North America! Dave, the printer has a lifetime of expertise and consulted on the printing of Canadian money!


Coming up are two workshops:


1. Winter Landscapes
Late February, 2012
Join us in late February (read “better chance of warmer weather with good snow.”) as he leads you to some secret spots. Learn to practically shoot comfortably in winter, manage equipment and produce stunning imagery to impress your friends!

June 2012
Join us again in June as he helps you dive into the world of macro photography. Enter new worlds through the macro lens. Learn focusing and other techniques to capture miniature life on a blade of grass.


Contact us to reserve your spot.

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