#703 Ottawa Photo Exhibition – Mark your Calendars!

A while back we announced an art exhibition and print sale by up and coming Ottawa Valley photographer Kevin Foisy.

Kevin has developed a style and techniques that fill a room with light. Below are some recent pieces you may see at his show.


Kevin Foisy presents “Love through the Lens

Friday, November 25; 7-10pm

Ottawa Studio Works; 160 Preston St. Ottawa

Kevin Foisy - art exhibition - Love through the Lens

Kevin Foisy - Ottawa art exhibition - Love through the Lens

A Walk through the Forest

The sun peaks through a canopy of yellow and lingering green.  A gentle breeze rustles the leaves and fills the air with a soft shimmering sound.  The scents of autumn leaves and pine needs fill the air.  In this abstract image, I  capture the feeling of standing in the forest as the sunlight penetrates the canopy and lights a pathway through the trees.
Kevin Foisy - Ottawa art exhibition - Love through the Lens

Kevin Foisy - Ottawa art exhibition - Love through the Lens

The Minds Eye

As if still in my childhood days, I often enjoy laying on my back on a summer day and staring up at the clouds drifting by.  Youth hangs on hard as I paint images in my mind from the puffy white shapes.  Many pieces of abstract art have that same appeal, enticing us to create our own pictures, holding our interest so much longer than a literal image.  In this image, I have captured a literal scene and without manipulation of any kind, I present it as abstract.  For me, I see a lone tree on the shore of a lake.  A cold stormy sky and a distant tree line is reflected in the choppy water.  What do you see?  Once your mind creates its own picture, it can become very difficult to see what it actually is.
Kevin Foisy - Ottawa Art Exhibition - Love through the Lens

Kevin Foisy - Ottawa Art Exhibition - Love through the Lens

Marsh Breeze

Long strands of cattails bend gently in the autumn breeze and dance in the warm sunlight.
Mark your Calendars…

#702 DIY Portrait Update

In the fall we announced our new Do-it-Youreself Portrait Service. So far so good!

DIY Portraits?

People have been making their own portraits in our studio with our studio lights. They just plug and play while we are available for help if needed.

One young family loved it so much, they booked a second session to bring MORE family. Smiles and giggles erupted from the photo studio as balloons pffrttttt-ed across the room (see below) and people climbed into position awaiting the burst of light that freezes the photo.

Do-it-Yourself - Photo Studio - Ottawa

Do-it-Yourself Portraits – Photo Studio – Ottawa

Some answers to common DIY questions:

So do you  (Harry) set up my camera?

We set up the studio lights and then help you set up your camera. I give you the settings and, together, we make sure the camera and lights work. We do a few test photos to make sure everything works well and then you start taking the portraits – I remain in the back rooms of the studio in case you need any help during your session.

Do you (Harry) take the photos for us on our cameras?

No. I help you set up your camera properly and am there if you have questions. But I am not involved in the picture taking.

Who owns the copyright? What does it cost to get prints?

As you are taking your own photos on your own camera and memory card YOU own the copyright! That means you can print your photos wherever you like – at home, at a discount lab or at a pro lab. You have control of your photos, printing and printing costs!

Do-it-Yourself Portraits - Photography Studio - Ottawa

Do-it-Yourself Portraits - Photography Studio - Ottawa

How do we take our own pics . . do I put on the timer, etc . .

There are a number of ways you can take your own photos:
1. Set your camera to a self timer mode – usually you can set the camera to 10 second delay which is enough time to join your family/friends.

2. Some cameras (Nikon D200, D300 and others) have an interval timer feature where you hit ‘go’ and the camera takes photos every second or few seconds. It can be programmed to take 1 or 10 or 25 photos in a row at set intervals. One group did that recently and got some fun results!

3. You can use an infra red ‘self portrait’ remote. We have one that you can use with many Nikon cameras. For Canon, etc, they are fairly cheap – $25?

4. You can buy a remote control device – expensive!

5. One of the group can act as photographer and physically take the photo.

Beyond the set-up/test phase I do not take the photos – but offer support as needed.

Do-it-Yourself Portraits - Ottawa Photo Studio

Do-it-Yourself Portraits - Ottawa Photo Studio

Upcoming dates:

Sunday November 6th – Only 9am slot available.

Monday, November 7th

Thursday, November 17

Sunday November 20th

Sunday, December 4th

Weekend Time slots: 9am, 10:15, 11:30, 12:45, 2pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm

Weekday Time slots: 6, 7:15, 8:30pm

By appointment only – Please contact us to see what is available.


Ottawa Studio Works 160 Preston St., between Gladstone and Somerset bordering on Little Italy and China Town.

Ottawa Studio Works is a working photo studio offering an 11×24 main studio with a support room available for make-up and styling. Bathroom and kitchenette are also available to support your portrait session. We also rent the photo studio by the day or half day.

Introductory cost for 1 hour session

$125 + HST

Reservations required. Book your session for an hour. The second consecutive hour is $100.


Space is limited! Contact us by email or by phone at 819-827-9460 for more information and book your session.