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This summer I’ve been working on an assignment to cover the Ottawa Rowing Club for a fine magazine. It’s been a fun assignment – my only grumble was that rowers usually start their days at ‘far-too-early‘ o’clock… while I don’t enjoy early mornings I’ll do anything for a good photo.

Many visits, many good people and many motor boat rides chasing sleek, rowing shells have produced a body of work that will come out next spring or early summer. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

Ottawa Rowing Club

Ottawa Rowing Club

In other news, Canadian Geographic posted a piece featuring three Ottawa photographers – Tony Fouhse, David Trattles and Remi Theriault – written by Ottawa Magazine‘s Sarah Brown.

In it she says “In May, [David Trattles] held a show of portraits taken in communities across Canada as well as in India. Unfortunately, it was a one-night affair in a studio that packed in around 50 lucky souls.” Our¬†Ottawa Studio Works¬†hosted the lucky souls who got to see Dave’s show.

David Trattles at Ottawa Studio Works photo studio

David Trattles's photo exhibition at Ottawa Studio Works

All three photographers deserve a shout-out for their works.

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