#597 Tips for “Getting your Photo Seen”

One of our students is working on developing his art work – we have developed a Custom Program – similar to the ProProgram to help him achieve his goals. Kevin’s work has come along way in the last year and we are now discussing non photo elements involved in promoting a show of art work.

Recently, we discussed what it takes to get noticed, artistically. Unfortunately, producing good work, alone, does very little to attract attention and a reputation as an artist! At our last session we discussed the process of developing a following, artistically.

After our session he sent me the article 5 Ideas for Getting Your Photography Seen from the Lightstalking website. And Kevin says “This is a lot of reiterating things that you have been pointing out, but it might be a useful article for your blog.

And thanks to Kevin you benefit from his research!

Kevin Foisy Photo - Portrait Photo Workshop

© Kevin Foisy Photo from a Portrait Photo Workshop

In other fun news, another reader sent us a link to PerfectlyTimedPhotos.com – a fun distraction of what appears to be fun photos submitted by the public.

Have a fun photo related site or bit of photo news? Let us have it!

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