#516 Photo Newsletters and Workshops

Our ‘Exposed!’ Photography Newsletter comes out next week and we are writing on exposure modes. Looking for other opinions I asked Christine Denis – maternity, newborn photographer and leader of our Photographing Your Children Workshop – what exposure mode she uses.

This workshop has new dates: October 5 (eve), 9 (day) and 12 (eve).

She was pretty direct (see below):

Photographing Your Children Workshop

Photographing Your Children Workshop

I shoot manual because I want complete control over what I capture with my camera.  I make the decisions – not the camera – on what part of the image will be exposed correctly and what type of motion will be captured.  The results are properly exposed images, with nice skin tones, and sharpness where I want it to be.

Shooting in manual also gives you the freedom to be as creative as your imagination will take you.  The photo above is an example of what I mean, my daughter is back lit, and off centered. I wanted a nice blurry background, so I set my aperture to 2.8, then took an exposure reading off her face and set the speed accordingly.  I didn’t mind that the rim of her hair was backlit, and the backgroud a little brighter – it was the effect I wanted. It would have been impossible to take this shot in Auto or Program mode.

Yep, those are my sentiments! But this can be a hot topic. Look for the article next week.