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Yesterday we sent an Exposed! Photo Newsletter to subscribers.

How to get a correct exposure

On a summer workshop a new student was watching a dog and human perform tricks for onlookers on the lively strip of Laval St in Hull. A perfect setup for some street portraiture!

It was a complicated photo scenario though. The performing duo were fully lit in mid-afternoon sun while the background was fully in shade.

The student got some great compositions but his exposures varied widely even though the light was not changing. What was going on? I discovered the photographer was relying on aperture priority (semi-automatic) exposure mode – with no adjustments – and hoping for the best.

In a diversely lit scene shot with a semi-automatic exposure mode exposures can suffer if there is no photographer intervention. This month’s edition of ‘Exposed!’ aims to help you get consistently better photos as we investigate the world of exposure modes!

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Easy exposure!

Easy exposure!

Tough exposure!

Tough exposure!

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