#503 Student Success

I saw some work of Nathalie MadoreProProgram graduate who took many of our photo courses over her year. I was so impressed with her progress I asked her to share some photos and her experience for the blog.

Nathalie contacted me in late winter 2009 about the ProProgram and started with some basic skills and basic photos. She worked hard and her photos developed very nicely as did her business sense.

Read her take on her recent work at the Quebec Games or jeux du Québec.

It has been a great experience so far to shoot pictures for the e-magazine SDV*mag. Les jeux du Québec is a provincial competition every year and Gatineau is the host city this year.

I received a media pass through SDV and I am enjoying every minute of the games… even if the days starts very early and finish late at night. During the day I shoot at different locations and download, post process and write a small article for the magazine.

I am developing a new way to present sport based on my vision. Being a sport person helps me – I know what to look for. I have also met lots of contacts that help me get better shots. So far I love my experience and would do it again. I cover the event  until Friday then REST!


Nice work Nat!

Nat Madore - jeux du Quebec

© Nat Madore - jeux du Quebec

Nat Madore - jeux du Quebec

© Nat Madore - jeux du Quebec

2 thoughts on “#503 Student Success

  1. Nathalie Madore photographie. Reflection of her creativity.
    The marriage of knowledge acquired with Harry Nowell, her talent and creativity together in one; explosion of images.

    Amazing work! Bravo Nat!

    A very talented artist who is on her way to great success.

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