#473 Lee Kraemer Ottawa Photography course cont’d

We ran out of time in the last post about Lee Kraemer’s Ottawa Photography course – Innerscapes.

To summarize:

  • It was different – there’s nothing quite like it in Ottawa
  • It challenged different people in different ways
  • It made people look at creativity and themselves in new ways

People said:

Different than many courses out there! Using the camera to explore the ‘innerscape’ is very useful. A good way to grow inside… if you allow that growth to happen!

The opportunity to use my photography to try to tell a story about an issue I’m grappling with – it helped open up some new insights for me… Lee creates a very supportive environment for this exploration.

Very helpful – a way to find various ways to look at the work around me can only improve creativity. I am very glad I took it.


Thanks Lee and for all participants for sharing!

Lee Kraemer - Ottawa Photo Course

Lee Kraemer - Ottawa Photo Course

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