#469 David Trattles feedback

We just finished two sessions of the popular David Trattles Social Documentary Photo Workshop. It’s popular for good reason.

We heard directly from many of the students:

• “Thank you for a great course.  I really enjoyed the time with David and learned a lot!  He is a very colorful and inspiring personality.

• “He is an awesome story teller and his pictures were inspiring.  His perspective is so different and it served to remind me that the reason behind wanting to pursue this is to enjoy and build on something that I love.

• “The course was great. Dave just further proved that there are no rules to photography. I was very intrigued by his shooting technique.

Everything I have ever read said avoid the ‘hail mary’ shot. Use the view finder and be very careful framing your image. Dave seems to have shot blind so  much that he a great sense of the picture he will capture knowing the angles of his camera.

He had me laughing all weekend. Too many great stories. It was well worth the time and I am glad I took it.

And there are some blog posts that tell more:

We hope to have Dave back for a session in the early fall.

Below are a couple of photos from the workshop (Thanks Diane and France!):

David Trattles photo workshop Ottawa
David Trattles photo workshop Ottawa
David Trattles photo workshop - Ottawa

David Trattles photo workshop - Ottawa

One thought on “#469 David Trattles feedback

  1. I loved the course and really enjoyed watching how the other photographer’s prespective change during the weekend – and in particular, France’s work. I was cheering at her fabulous shots fom Saturday. Bravo!