#467 Combat Camera!

Coming up this week is a photo workshop in Ottawa with David Trattles. Two participants are from Combat Camera.


That’s what I asked. And today we have a guest blogger – I asked Master Corporal Cribb some questions…

Sit back and soak up stories from Combat Camera:

Harry Nowell: “What is Combat Camera?”

Master Corporal David Cribb: Combat Camera is a Canadian Forces Unit attatched to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Affairs (ADM PA) for the Department of National Defence.  It employs 5 Public Affairs Officers, 13 imagery technicians (photographers and videographers), and 3 civillian editors (1 still 2 video). Our mandate is to inform the Canadian Public of Canadian Forces operations around the world and at home.

HN: “What is your role?”

MCDC:Typically (but not always) we cover events to which media cannot easily access; examples being foot patrols in Afghanistan, or a soveriegnty patrol with the Canadian Rangers in the high arctic.

HN: “How long have you been photographing?”

MCDC: I have been an airforce photographer for 7 years and with Combat Camera for the last 2.

HN: “Your most challenging assignment?”

MCDC: “My most challenging assignment was probably covering the Nijmeggen Marches in the Netherlands in 2009.  It was a deluge of rain for 4 solid days. We were averageing 22 hours a day and by day 4 we were almost hip deep in mud, trying to keep our gear dry, and scrounging to find somewhere dry with power for our post production work. It was a definite challenge.

HN: “What interested you in David Trattles’ photo workshop?”

MCDC: “What interested me in the course was the opportunity to work with someone like Mr Trattles who has such a wealth of story telling experience, and a wider focus of subject than we currently shoot. I’m hoping to get a broader perspective from this workshop, which in turn will translate to better stortelling for my imagery.

HN: “Thanks!”

Some of Master Corporal Cribb’s work:

Combat Camera

Combat Camera

Combat Camera

Combat Camera

Combat Camera

Combat Camera

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