#435 ProProgram Pride

We run the ProProgram designed for people looking to turn a passion into a career. We have nine ProProgrammers coming from all backgrounds – all looking to earn a living at what they do.

Last week we sent the group a ProProgram update to keep everyone abreast of the group’s successes – there is power in numbers – a supportive network is valuable.

Some excerpts from the student’s updates:

  • After releasing its new website at the end of January, Polar Horizon’s blog is now online. We have also started being active in the social media world. You can also follow us on Twitter and on our “Bitten by the arctic bug” group on Facebook. polarhorizons.com/blog
  • “I am launching my new site tonight…”
  • It’s been a busy and exciting couple months. My website is under construction. It’s been a constant learning curve but I feel challenged, energized and feel I have progressed considerably in the past 6 months….and I’m looking forward to the next 6!!!”
  • Life has changed so much for me since I started the Pro Programme  last October.   I have completed 4 workshops which I have found challenging, not only have I learnt about the technical side but an awful lot about myself.
    I have had my first job, I have bookings  in April and a possible wedding in August. I start shadowing next month 2 afternoons a week  which will be a fantastic experience.”

Check some of the ProProgrammers websites:

Other Programmer sites are coming soon! Visit their sites and cheer them on!

They make me proud!

2 thoughts on “#435 ProProgram Pride

  1. Thanks for that last newsletter mailing. I’d like to hear how far, and how you lugged a ladder to get that fabulous shot of the skiiers.

    And, may I add another suggestion for alternative means of photography. The Pet Cam. http://www.amazon.com/Uncle-Milton-Pet-92s-View-Camera/dp/B0017T7Q00 I got one, set it for 15 minute intervals and then attached it to my back pack and went about my business with nteresting results!