#373 Last week’s work

Last week was a busy one. It included:

Photography for Communications Professionals was an all day session on Wednesday hosted at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

Event Photography - Ottawa

Photographing Events for Communications Departments - Ottawa

It’s a day of practical and classroom learning from photo fundamentals, use of flash, covering speeches and events as well as technical photo elements (file types, colour consistency, white balance, etc) and other considerations (consent forms, usage, copyright and archiving issues, etc.)

Photographing Events for Communications Departments

Photographing Events for Communications Departments

Students said:

Excellent. Adapts really well to everyone’s level of experience and equipment.

Worth recommending to other amateur communications photogs.

The class was full (eight students) and we have inquiries for the next session on May 24th, 2010.

The Creative Business Seminar was a two day session covering direction for people starting a new business in creative fields. We had 10 participants that created lively discussions and shared experiences from many different people.

Saturday covered elements of business from understanding and evaluating our own strengths to psychology of selling to exercises to develop skills. Sunday took an in depth look at the world of web opportunities.

We’d like to thank the Council for the Arts – Ottawa for their support! The weekend went well. Students said:

“Motivating, stimulating, informative.”

“A great opportunity to learn the basics of starting a creative based business.”

One of the participants wrote a review of the weekend and posted a photo.

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