#350 Value of Photogrpahy, revisited

Remember a while ago I blogged about the “Value of Photography?” In it we mentioned:

organizations replace experienced working photographers with donated or free  photos


colleague once told me of a former client who said the best thing about their volunteer photographer’s work was that he gave free photos.

One reader commented nicely:

Every customer focused industry goes through this… There are many challenges and not everyone can succeed at the transition…”To Stand Still is to Fall Behind.” –  Gordon Forward, CEO Chaparral Steel

Photographer in Action

Portrait Photographer in Action

Well recently Photo District News ran an article on this growing phenomena:

Photographers who shoot action photos at school sports games face competition from amateurs armed with DSLRs who give pictures away.” Read the rest of their article: In Youth Sports Photography, It’s Pros Vs. Parents

Am I upset? No. It’s the free market.

Is it frustrating? Yes! It’s hard to compete with free photos – even if there is a significant difference in the work.

Time to get even or stand on the soap box? No, just time to stay ahead of the game. Some photogs are turning to video or different business models. It’s important to stay ahead.

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