#340 More Value of Photography

I have talked before about he Value of Photography and below are some more thoughts.

Often organizations replace experienced working photographers with donated or free  photos. Working photographers don’t come cheap and I can see the incentive to save money. But a business’ image or presence is one of the most important factors in attracting  new clients. Experienced photographers or photo training for key staff can help achieve better results than free photos.

Check these two private school’s websites. How do the photos and web sites compare?

School A

School B

Both are good schools that compete to attract students. Investing in experienced working photographers or photo training for staff can improve first impressions.

A colleague once told me of a former client who said the best thing about their volunteer photographer’s work was that he gave free photos. A photo is a photo, right? Not so much!


2 thoughts on “#340 More Value of Photography

  1. Wow! What a difference when you see the two school’s photos up next to each other like that. What a rip off when you consider what they charge in tuition. You’d think they could afford to hire a real photographer!

  2. This is a major challenge to those making this their livelihood. It is, however, not unique. Every customer focused industry goes through this: automotive industry with japanese “invasion” were forced to build better cars; mom & pop or neighbourhood stores squeezed out by big chains; brick and mortar stores being squeezed out by the internet; local printing shops and the internet publishing houses; and more. Even within the photography industry there is change on how business is done: new ways required to stay in the “market” eye: tweets, web sites, blogs etc. The customer has _always_ been price driven.

    There are many challenges and not everyone can succeed at the transition: moving to new customers, articulating value to current and new customers, evolving to new markets and new customers, finding a niche not yet impacted…

    “To Stand Still is to Fall Behind.” Gordon Forward, CEO Chaparral Steel.

    Good luck and I hope to see you out there.