#232 Creative business advice from Daphne

My tiny photography business needed help! Selling my photography and services required better promotion… I was sad to discover my fine photos didn’t sell themselves!

In the pursuit of business survival I started looking for help in the worlds of:

  • web opportunities
  • promotion ideas and…
  • writing skills


Luckily, I found editor Daphne Gray Grant‘s writing newsletter geared towards “Helping corporate writers work better, faster.” Her free weekly newletters have been a fantastic and easy way to help improve my writing for proposals, emails, blog posts and newsletters!

Creative Business Ideas

Recently, Daphne delivered a newsletter from a business perspective: “How to make money writing in a tough economy.” And her points are very good – not only for writers, but ANY self employed, creative small business. If you aspire to run a small creative business or are already earning $ at your creative discipline Daphne’s work is worth reading!

Small business is tough:

Small business is tough Business obstacles


I was fortunate enough, early on, to find the help needed to keep my little business in business. There were some very tough years! Many people misjudge what is required to succeed at a small creative business.

Better Business Skills

In that vein we started the Creative Business Seminar to provide realistic, practical ideas and networking opportunities to help people succeed in their creative small businesses.

Success Success! 

Thanks Daphne!

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  1. it is easy to get Business ideas, just look for a product or service that has demand and fill it:’-