#184 HoHoHo!

We hope everyone had a festive break whether a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, or just a peaceful break.

Work skowed down at Harry, Inc. There was some family time, skiing, ‘pond’ hockey, and lots of turkey and  chocolate! The New Year is coming fast.

Just before Christmas we taught a Custom Course with a federal government department. Goals included:

  • teaching outreach staff to take better photos while on the front lines
  • learning about what constitutes a good photo
  • providing a fun, team element for staff

With nine people we spent the session learning how to produce finer photos from existing cameras. Staff were armed with point & shoots as well as digital SLR cameras. They learned the camera doesn’t take good photos – the person does!
Thanks for the fun:

Photo team building

Government Custom Photo Course, printed with permission.

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