#144 Fall colours

‘Tis fall colour season in Gatineau Park. Maples, oaks and other trees show their finest colours at this time of year.

It is also a busy time of year for the hobby photographer – as there is some fabulous material to capture. Getting some good results is easier with stunning views everywhere you look:

fall colours

Many hobby shooters flirt with the idea of turning their beautiful landscapes into a part time business. It’s a tough job. There are millions and millions of excellent landscape photos out there. High supply, low demand – makes for a tough landscape photo market!

It is possible to make a living at your photography – with reasonable ideas about business and good business skills.

Good luck. Have fun,


#142 – A big camera!

John Chiara is a photographer with a very, very, very large camera.

I found his story through PhotographyVoter.com – John has built a camera so large he moves it with a truck and climbs inside to mount the film! See his video story.

Also, our Exposed! Photo Newsletter comes out this week: “Boom went the colour! How to create vibrant photos.” We uncover secrets of pumping up your pictures. Sign up to receive ‘Exposed!’ at the top, right of this page.


#141 Wool and photography

Last summer I did some work for Johanna Nousiainen – talented fibre artist specializing in felted wool. The work is quite amazing:

Some of her work will be exhibited in November at the Karsh Masson Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. The show will be hosted by the Finnish Embassy as a tribute to Johanna’s home and this traditional Scandinavian art form!

Johanna is talented! She took the ‘wool’ from my dear old dog’s many brushings and turned it into a set of Finnish styled mitts that I adore – dear old Tigger!

I’ll be photographing Johanna’s new work at the show. Yippee!


#140 More Student Success

Last year I got a call from a mom and potential student looking to learn more about starting a ‘baby, child and family portrait photography‘ business.Mom took two Custom Courses and the Natural Light Portraits course.

I just heard from her. She’s doing well:SweetFacePhotography.ca SweetFacePhotography.ca

Her business is small but growing. She has a website – SweetFacePhotography.ca – and has some realistic expectations about her business. Goals and expectations are an important bench mark for anyone learning about a new business!


Mom said “Thanks Harry… I’ve spent a bit of money since starting this and I feel that the money for the course was as necessary as the money for the camera…”

Keep up the good work, Mom!


#139 HarryNowell.com Photo Blog Nominated!

The blog at HarryNowell.com has been nominated Best Photo Blog at BloggersChoiceAwards.com!

I was surprised but quite excited. I started the blog early this year to share the ups and downs of life as a working photographer. It’s been extra work but certainly fun to share my photography life.

If you like what you see, please vote at BloggersChoiceAwards.com. There is also a link to the right.

Coming soon – more student successes! Stay tuned.


#138 Personalities shine

I captured more people pictures this weekend. Four adult family members wanted portraits:

  • Casual
  • Candid
  • Personalities revealed

I suggested we meet at McKenzie King Estates in Gatineau Park. We visited the ruins and hiked the Larriault Trail as I eased some personal portraits from them.

What?! I thought you were taking their portraits not hiking.”

Yes. Portraits. Gentle hiking. Family fun. It’s a good mix.

I find that, in some cases, personal portraits can be best achieved by disguising the portraits as something else. As a fly on the wall, clients forget I am photographing them. Their true selves shine as they did for the portrait, below, of a man and his dog, captured during some fun in the snow.

Ottawa Portraits

So during this weekend’s portrait session we walked a little. Brian brought his watercolours. And I was able to capture individual and group personalities far better than in a studio or traditional portrait session.

A recent client commented on this approach: “… the day was filled with emotions that Harry captured beautifully, being a ‘fly on the wall’. When we saw the photos the first time, it was stunning to see how well they told the story… Yep, I had tears in my eyes again!”


#137 Creative Fundamentals kick-off

My second section of Creative Fundamentals started last night at Arts Court.

On Saturday we venture to Gatineau Park where we learn about proper exposures, focus tools, motion, composition and observation while surrounded by the vivid hues of the fall colours.

Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop

Creative Fundamentals Photo Workshop

Spring Creative Fundamentals Focus and Motion exercise – photos by Love Bunny Photography

The final Creative Fundamentals section of the year runs October 23, 25, 30 likely hosted at the Museum of Civilization.

Have fun,