#130 Photos, sponsors, Olympic medals

I have been talking about a couple of athletes who competed for Canada at the Beijing Olympics in whitewater slalom paddling:

Sarah BoudensĀ 

James Cartwright

Canadian elite athlete’s jobs – full time pursuit of their sport – are hard enough. What makes their work harder is the financial constraints they face. Money! They need to be business savvy as well as athletic to ensure they can survive and train.

I finished a photo shoot with Sarah. As I approached my car she was getting ready to leave. I took a photo of Sarah with her car, below. Thanks to Lapointe Brothers Auto Dealer! That generosity, I am sure, goes a long way!

One of Sarah Boudens sponsors!

Also, have a look at Zina Kocher‘s video supporting her pursuit to the biathlon podium at the 2010 Olympics. Olympic athletes, like photographers, need a good business plan and foresight!

Thanks Dave McMahon for the link to the video.Support the Olympians.It’ll make them smile.


PS ‘Exposed!’ comes out next week – this week got too busy!

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