#129 The less glamourous side

This week I am spending more time in the office than I like. I am doing more processing, editing and filing and prep work than I like! It’s a good sign that there is lots of work coming in. The ‘glamourous‘ work – behind the camera – is only a fraction of my work.

What’s going on this week:

  • editing magazine assignment due by the end of September – most of the shooting is done!
  •  editing a wedding shot last weekend
  • prepping for the Creative Fundamentals workshop (section 1) starting Thursday
  • prepping for a Custom Course on Sunday and another Monday/Tuesday
  • finishing a proposal for a prospective client
  • following up with three recurring clients
  • daily administrative tasks
  • following up with a stock submission for an agency
  • investigating a system to allow me to accept direct credit card payments.

My photo creation will be limited over the next few days!


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