#105 Iceland Report

This week I will be highlighting the trip to Iceland while it is still very alive in my memory.

Trip Summary

I have wanted to go to Iceland for almost twenty years and I proposed the idea to my wife – she was excited! We traveled together for ten days while I stayed longer for some stock photo work and researching future trips. Iceland was fantastic.

The Agenda

We divided our time between Reykjavik, Snæfellsnes peninsula and south Iceland. We traveled by car, bicycle and bus.

Gulfoss waterfall


True to Iceland’s unpredictable nature we had a wide range of weather:

  • 27C and sunny
  • 12C and rain
  • wind
  • fog

Some Highlights

This week I will be recounting some of the adventures of the trip:

  • eating fermented arctic shark
  • spectacular waterfalls
  • more spectacular waterfalls
  • glaciers, earthquakes, and lava flows
  • the wonderful Icelanders
  • Icelandic horses
  • Vikings

Stay tuned this week for pictures, stories and the possibility of photographing there.

4 thoughts on “#105 Iceland Report

  1. Wow they look amazing.
    I wish I can go to Iceland. Everytime I listen to Sigur Ros they make me want to go to Iceland.
    Curious to know, how much is it to fly there??

  2. Thanks Ming!
    Flight prices vary. We paid ~CDN$1100 return Ottawa to Reykjavik. There are attractive deals from Icelandair to travel to Europe through Iceland.


  3. Wow!… the only word to describe your pics! This pic is spectacular! It took my breath away. Now I have another destination I must see. Beautiful work Harry!

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