#11 New Camera Research

I’m starting to look at getting a new camera for this blog — something that makes posting photos easier. I’m not looking for a Nikon D3 for this purpose, but more of a point-and-shoot.

I was just talking to Colin Rowe and he showed me his new 12 megapixel point-and-shoot that he’s bringing as a fun toy to accompany his “real” equipment on assignment to Africa. Pretty impressive. Simple. Small. Easy to pull out. And doesn’t scare people off.

What do you use as your fun toy camera? 

More details as they develop …

5 thoughts on “#11 New Camera Research

  1. Hi Harry,
    I got a 12 MP Canon G9 last week after seeing a friends photos, and am loving it. Your “toy” is my “good camera” since the elph is always by my side, but c’est la vie. One of the reviews on the web for it was by a professional who’d submitted his G9 photos with the EXIF data stripped out, alongside his regular shots, and found they were all accepted by his stock agencies.
    Curious which new toy you get.

    Cheers, Sharlene

  2. The G9 is pretty nice. I am looking for a P&S with wider angle capability. Most p&s go to 35mm equivalent – few go to 28mm. I am still looking!

    Thanks Sharlene,

  3. The idea of a supplementary camera makes a lot of sense, and it should have some capabilities that one’s principal camera does not. A year ago, I bought a Pentax Optio W20 — 7 MP, shirt-pocket handy, rugged and handy in tight situations ranging from restaurants (I like photographing food) to crowded Latin American marketplaces. Best of all, and my main reason for choosing it, it’s waterproof, so very useful for outings from canoeing to XC skiing. The only knock is the proprietary battery, but it lasts pretty well. Oh yes, you also have to get used to the lack of viewfinder. In really bright light (like XC outings), using the LCD screen to compose gives a new meaning to point-and-shoot. Maybe that should be point-shoot-and-hope!

  4. Another good choice. I love the waterproofness – but it only goes to 38mm moderately wide angle capability.

    Thanks Tom!


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