#10 More hockey

I have been shooting some pro hockey lately – the Ottawa 67s are a fun, sub NHL team that feeds into the big leagues. The arena is bright – as far as arenas go with some great shooting areas throughout the stadium for media – 3 rink side holes in the glass to aim cameras.

The glass is clear – not blemished plexiglass. It is rare that exposure is the easy part of shooting – but for indoor hockey the lighting does not change – EASY! However your eyes need to be everywhere at once, your equipment ready and your skills on high alert. 

It’s been a busy start to the year – which is good! The second half of next week will give me some time to catch up on submissions and administration.

Someone asked on my last Creative Business Seminar how much time I actually spend behind the camera shooting. It’s actually quite low. For every picture taken there is plenty of work to do to support the project and the business.

Take photos, have fun! 

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