Post #3 Canadian Geographic – Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing!


I am going to North Bay sometime soon.

Canadian Geographic is preparing for a travel issue and has asked me to travel north. Kathy at Canadian Geo knows my work and said with a smile “we know you are ok with the cold!” I am to cover a “day in the life” ice fishing on Lake Nipissing. 


Sounds good to me.


I have just written my latest Exposed! Newsletter on the magic of night photography. Have a look.


Bye for now – more on style tomorrow…




One thought on “Post #3 Canadian Geographic – Ice Fishing

  1. Harry,

    Ha! You are good with cold. But ice fishing is dull and cold. My father refers to it as ‘drowning minnows and freezing fingers’. Maybe you’ll get to spend the day in one of those swank huts with stereos, heaters and TV. Just don’t take pictures of you sitting in there or you might ruin the rep. as a ‘cold’ guy.


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