#938 – From the Web – Photo Distractions

A big thanks to our blog readers, Facebook followers and photo class students who provided some fun links for this edition of “Photo Fun” from the web.

Classic Significant Cameras from the Last 125 Years
First up this week is a very fun look at “landmark cameras” starting waaaaaay back. Have a look at the list:
• How many have you owned?
• How many do you still have?
• How many have you used recently?Thanks to Murielle C for sharing!
NYC in photos from 100 years ago
Now we see some NYC photos from long, long ago. Amazing to see. Thanks to Ken B for sharing!
Relentless = Success
We head to Vancouver this time for an article on improving writing (applies to photo) skills through relentlessness! Thanks, Daphne, for what you do!

Classic Cars in New Ads

Finally, we saw some fun adstargeting photos of classic cars. Fun! Thanks to Lois and Diane for sending us the links!

Friday’s Photographer Round-up
It’s Friday and that means we feature fun work of area photographers on our photo studio blog.