#171 Blog contest coming up

Three items today:

  1. Over the next few postings I will be passing on reader’s words of wisdom based on responses from last month’s ‘Exposed!‘ Newsletter – “Wise Words from Working Photographers.”
  2. There will also be a contest on the photo blog at HarryNowell.com in next 2 weeks. The contest will test your fun, creativity and photo knowledge. The winner will receive a prize worth $100 from HarryNowell.com.
  3. Lastly, today’s photo comes from an assignment years ago with Ottawa Magazine that has been reprinted many times. I was asked to capture ‘dinner in Gatineau Park‘ – a common night out for Ottawa skiers – there are many cabins accessible by ski. On Friday I skiied in to a cabin full of merriment:

Ottawa Magazine assignment

Gatineau Park cabins

#29 Distractions

Just sent in a quote to do some promo photos for a clinic. And the weekend is coming which is sometimes very similar to a weekday for me – that’s not good or bad. I will be teaching and hopefully skiing!

Here is a distraction for you – I discovered this site a while back – a photo contest called the Everyman – there are some fantastic pictures by amateur photographers.

If you ever enter a photo contest read the rules and never give up your copyright or give away your photo. Ever.

Have a great weekend,